The relationship between low blood sugar and hormones is important to understand. Erica breaks it down into two major ways blood sugar affects hormones in this episode. 

2 Ways Blood Sugar Impacts Hormone Health 

So many women are dealing with crazy blood sugar fluctuations throughout the day due to skipping meals or indulging in sugar. These things can make hormone challenges worse! Here are two ways:

1- Blood sugar that is too low or consistently low can make adrenal fatigue a lot worse. 

Not eating enough (calorically, nutritionally) or not eating often enough stresses the body out and can lead to low blood sugar. This is a physical stress on the body, causing your adrenals to release cortisol. People with adrenal fatigue already have taxed adrenals, and low blood sugar can worsen that. It’s important to consume healthy fats, protein, and fiber with every meal to keep blood sugar stable. Avoid intermittent fasting if you have adrenal issues until healed. 

2- Blood Sugar that’s too high can lead to insulin resistance. 

Insulin resistance is another stressor for the body and can lead to hormone disruption. The adrenals are responsible for regulating blood sugar via the hormone cortisol. If blood sugar is too high, the adrenals are consistently too high, leading to impaired insulin sensitivity. Women who struggle with insulin sensitivity can result in weight issues, PCOS, acne, large pores, hair loss, and more. 

The fix 

  • Focus on healthy, whole foods and prioritize health fat, protein, fiber, and complex carbs 
  • Get in micronutrients and essential vitamins and minerals 
  • The more colorful the plate, the better
  • Supplementation is necessary (Live Well Bundle) 

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