Are you on the hunt for your perfect essential oil brand? Maybe you’ve found yourself here because you’ve heard about Kis Oils or saw them on amazon. In this post, we’re giving you an honest review and rating of Kis essential oils. We’re rating them on a scale of A+-F based on price, quality, and selection. For more info on our rating scale, go here

Before we get into the review, it’s important to talk about how overwhelming it is to search for an essential oil brand that will meet your needs. With the resurgence of natural remedies, essential oil companies are popping up everywhere. I mean you can even find essential oils in the gas station now! With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision you can trust. Especially with subjective views from big essential oil companies and blog posts. Don’t worry – this is an objective view. 

A couple other things I must note before moving on: I originally wrote this review in early 2018 when Kis Oils’ online shop was set to launch in October 2018. So in this post you will see my thoughts from early 2018 and my current thoughts. Spoiler alert, their rating dropped since then.  Which brings me to my next point, don’t immediately sign Kis Essential oils off. Here’s why: different companies are going to work best for different people’s goals. This is why it’s so important that you have a clear goal in mind. 

Why do you want to use essential oils? Do you want to make your laundry smell lovely and your kitchen countertops germ free? OR do you want to make a lifestyle out of essential oils? If you want to reap the therapeutic benefits of essential oils than you need a high quality brand you can trust. But, if you just want to whip up some DIY cleaning recipes than opting for a not-so-pure, cheaper brand wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 

Have your goal in mind? Let’s jump in. 

The Basics: Who is Kis Oils?

Kis Oils is an essential oils company claiming that they approach this industry “from a totally new angle” by cutting out a middleman, purchasing the oils from producers, and boiling it themselves. But do be aware that quite a few top essential oil brands are doing the same. Kis essential oils have been selling primarily through Amazon.  


Kis is moderately priced. But one of the strangest things for me about Kis’s website is each of their oils is almost the same exact price – give or take a dollar. There’s a reason that the best essential oils brands have price fluctuation – because authentic crops don’t all cost the same. Also, keep in mind that their own website is currently not selling anything – these are their future prices – said to come out in October 2018 when I originally wrote this review. But here we are in November of 2019 and their products still say “Our shop is still under construction. Come back in early October to buy this product.” I’m not sure what is going on here, but immediately I’m marking this company as unreliable. Let’s check out their prices anyway. 


$10.43 for 15mL (on Amazon) $12.98 for 15mL (on website)


$11.93 for 15mL (on both)


$5.98 for 15mL (on Amazon) $11.93 for 15mL (on website)

*The Kis Oils are sold in 10 mL or 30 mL bottles, so I converted the prices to 15mL for price comparison ease.


The Kis Oils collection on Amazon is fairly big. You can purchase their 6-piece sampler kit with tea tree, sweet orange, lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint. Or you can purchase one of their 56 scents. Something odd I noticed is that currently – Kis Oils are much harder to find on Amazon. Granted you can search for them but, other companies seem to get the light before Kis.  For example, you can even search specifically for Kis Essential Oils and other companies like Uproar and Nirvana show up before them. 

When their online store opens in October of 2018 (it still hasn’t), their selection will be very large. They’re still showing they will offer more specialty oils like birch, copaiba, or myrrh, as well asultiple types of certain oils. For example, there are 6 different types of lavender essential oils highlighted on their coming-soon sales page. But do keep in mind they don’t offer their own blends. And this is all still true. Not sure when their store will be open. 


There is essentially no information about quality on the Kis Oils website. This is a bit surprising to me since their prices fall into more of the moderate range. They don’t mention any of the important tests. They do show us the extraction method and country of origin, which are only slightly helpful if they’re not being adequately tested.

Kis Essential Oils Rating 

When I originally wrote this review, I rated Kis Essential oils a C. That meant that they fell in the middle of the pack: average. Not the best and not the worst. Often there are substantial opportunities to improve in one of more areas. These oils are typically best used for their aroma or what I call “smell good” oils. Using these oils for therapeutic benefit likely won’t get teh results that you’re happy with. Since rating this some time back, I’m taking Kis down a mark to a D. This is mainly because their shop is still not up and running more than a full year later. They are also less visible on amazon which makes me think something odd must be going on. 

Bottom Line: The Kis Oils’ tagline is “High Quality, Low Markups” but it seems to me like it’s more low quality (at least with what they’ve shown us – or not shown us – on their website) and moderate prices. That’s not really the combo I’m out looking for in reputable essential oil companies.

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