In this episode, Erica is answering one of the most common questions she gets: “Is coffee unhealthy?” Spoiler: you don’t have to give up your cup of Joe just yet, just maybe the way you’re drinking it. You’ll discover the three things you’re doing wrong with your coffee, including topics on drinking coffee while fasting and using your coffee as a meal. She dives into the best ways to switch up your coffee routine, including Bulletproof Coffee benefits. 

3 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Coffee 

1.Using Coffee as a Meal 

To keep your hormones healthy, it’s essential to consume healthy fat and protein with every meal. Instead of drinking coffee black or with a little bit of cream and potentially a lot of sugar for your breakfast, you are going to feel bad later on. You’ll experience a sugar crash and your hormone levels will get all out of whack. 

The Fix: Make a coffee that is high in fat and protein. When Erica drinks coffee, she likes to add a high-fat oil like MCT or coconut oil along with protein, like our Beauty Collagen Complex. 

2. You can’t make it through the day without it 

If you can’t make it through the day without coffee, you may be addicted. Instead of reaching for a second or third cup, ask yourself if you’ve drunk enough water. Coffee can be super dehydrating on it’s own and if you aren’t supplementing with extra water, your brain and body are going to feel it—and make you reach for another cup. 

The Fix: Erica loves to use our Hydration Superfood Energy powder to boost hydration and natural, sustainable energy electrolytes. 

3. You’re Recovering From Adrenal Fatigue 

If you’re trying to heal adrenal fatigue, the last thing you need is to be depleting your adrenals more with coffee. Not only can caffeine further disrupt cortisol levels (our stress hormone), but it can also make you feel like you have energy, when really what your body and adrenal glands need is a good sleep. 

The Fix: try an herbal coffee blend like chicory and maca or take a nap when you feel the urge coming on! 

Featured in this episode… 

Beauty Collagen Complex 

Hydration Superfood Energy 

Organic Immunity Greens 


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