If you’re ready to get started with essential oils and are shopping for an essential oils starter kit but have no idea how to choose one, start here. I know how overwhelming it can be when you’re an essential oil beginner, but in this article, I’m going to make it easy. If you feel lost in the sauce, but want to reap all the benefits of essential oils then keep reading to learn the 5 items that are a MUST for the perfect essential oils starter kit. 

Why Get Into Essential Oils 

If you are really new to the essential oils game, let me give you a quick breakdown: essential oils have been used in cultures for thousands of years, for thousands of reasons. 

Q: What are essential oils? 

A: Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted from leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark, resin, seeds of plants or pith of citrus fruit. They are made up of hundreds of chemical constituents that provide plants with unique qualities and healing properties. 

Q:Why do essential oils continue to be so prevalent in cultures all around the world?

A:Those who use essential oils praise them for their ability to enhance health, beauty, and flavor. They are ideal as natural remedies because they are affordable, convenient and highly effective. 

Whether you’re looking to get into essential oils to boost immunity, harness natural energy, ease anxiety, or crush that annoying pimple- you’ll find that essential oils offer a variety of benefits that will open you up to a whole new world. 

Think I’m stretching it? Consider this: one of the most popular essential oils, melaleuca aka tea tree oil, comes from the melaleuca alternifolia tree in Australia where it grows along hot and humid streams and swamps. Areas like this are breeding grounds for tons of microbes that foster mold, bacteria, and fungus growth. For a plant to survive (and flourish)  in this kind of environment, it must have a strong internal immune system. Tea tree oil is treasured for its natural antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and analgesic nature. So while the melaleuca alternifolia tree uses it aromatic compounds to fight off microbes, it only makes sense that we use it to do the same! That’s why people love tea tree to disinfect wounds, destroy viruses and bacteria and treat acne, athlete’s food, candida, pink eye, ear infections, hives and MORE. I know, essential oils are cool. 

So now that you’re totally convinced you need to purchase an essential oils starter kit, let’s dive in to the 5 items your starter kit must have. But before we do I need to reiterate that these are not “nice to have” items. These are must haves if you want to get the most out of your essential oils experience. I know because years ago when I started using essential oils I was frustrated because I ordered an essential oil starter kit thinking I had everything I needed to get going on my oils journey. What I found out is that I needed to make additional purchases along the way and that was frustrating. Don’t be like me. Get it right the first time. So here it is:

Top 5 Items for the Perfect Essential Oils Starter Kit


Ok, I know this one seems like a no brainer- but the last thing you want to do is purchase junky essential oils adulterated with fragrances, synthetics, and other cheap fillers. Buying from a reputable essential oils company will guarantee that you are getting the real deal. Not all essential oils are created equally. In fact, the  essential oil market is completely unregulated. Nowadays, it’s hard to trust manufacturers to create products that are 100% pure, highly potent, and effective for yielding a therapeutic result. 

Here’s what to watch out for: 
  • Oils that don’t dissolve entirely on a piece of white paper 
  • Oils that are super cheap and labeled without the Latin Name 
  • Oils stored in plastic 
  • Oils that come in scents like watermelon (there is no such thing) 
  • Oils from incredibly new companies with small selections or make claims like “oil can cure cancer” 

I put together a guide of the 20 most popular essential oil companies. 

For a more in-depth look at the details on the best and worst essential oil companies, check out my series on Where to Buy Essential Oils 

4 Essential Oils You Need in Your Essential Oils Starter Kit 

Lavender is the most used essential oil globally and for good reasons. Not only does it smell lovely, but lavender also has a variety of therapeutic benefits. Sleep issues? Apply topically under the nose, bottoms of the feet or diffuse to sleep like a baby. Stressed or anxious? Draw a bath and add drops  to promote relaxation and ease anxious feelings. Sunburn or scars? Lavender helps heal skin and prevent scarring. Not to mention it also makes your skin glow

Those are just some of the reasons lavender essential oil is one of my favorite oils. Lavender is an absolute must for your essential oils starter kit. 


Lemon essential oil can do you some real good at any time of the day. Put a few drops in your morning water to cleanse, balance pH, and get your digestive tract kicking in the morning. You’ll kick toxins to the curb, fire up your metabolism, and get rid of that annoying bloat. 

Use lemon essential oil to make DIY cleaning supply recipes instead of using toxic conventional cleaning products or overpaying for toxin free cleaning supplies. 

Need an immune boost? How about a mood boost? Lemon essential oil can help with both. If you need an afternoon pick me up, diffuse lemon essential oil or use topically to go from fatigued and moody to energized and bright.  If you need to get over a cold, relieve congestion, mucus or allergies, you need lemon in your essential oils starter kit. 


Peppermint essential oil is one of my favorites and is a list requirement when purchasing an essential oils starter kit. Here’s why: peppermint can help with headaches, hangovers, memory, muscle tension, asthma, energy and more. Talk about versatility. 

. For me, I love to diffuse it during the day while I’m working to stay alert, energized, and emotionally balanced. Just a few more reasons why peppermint essential oil is a necessity. 


Last but not least, the king of essential oils: frankincense. We love frankincense so much we made a youtube video about it. Frankincense has so many benefits it would take this whole article to explain how incredible it is. 

For starters, it has insane anti-aging properties while also being able to boost immunity, soothe arthritis, tamp down stress, and support oral health. Not only that, but it’s also anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory. 

Frankincense’s other top uses include helping with seizures, trauma, alzheimer’s disease, dementia, brain injury, depression, breast cancer prevention, and stretch marks. I’m out of breath and I just typed that! 

For more amazing info and easy ways to use frankincense check out our blog post!


On your hunt you must look for an essential oils starter kit with diffuser! Diffusers allow you to passively experience the benefits of essential oils- without even thinking about it. 

I love to get up in the morning with wild orange and peppermint in my diffuser. It not only boosts my mood but also ramps up my energy and allows me to start my day right. During the day, to keep my kitchen clean and smelling good, I opt for lemon to purify the air and keep a happy mood. 

You can take your essential oils diffuser anywhere, whether it be to your office or to a less-than perfect hotel room. You’ll help boost immunity and productivity. But probably my favorite way to use my diffuser is before bed. I love to diffuse lavender in our room and my boys room while we sleep- it seriously makes for the deepest quality sleep. And you really can’t beat that as a mom. 

Having an essentials oil starter kit with a diffuser is one of the best ways to take advantage of the power of essential oils, that’s why it’s number 2 on our list of must-haves for your essential oils starter kit. 


Number 3 on your checklist: a reference book. I absolutely love this reference book because it has research that supports the claims of essential oil benefits. 

A reference book allows you to look up by essential oils and specific issues- meaning you will find everything you’re looking for and more. Knowledge is power, a reference book will help you get the most out of your essential oils starter kit. 

The other amazing thing about a reference book is the DIY recipes! If you’re a creative junkie like me, you will love all of the DIY recipes. Everything from wood cleaner to anti-aging face serum to weeknight dinners— you will have a field day. 


This term might be new to you. A carrier oil is an oil that carries essential oil into the body. Carrier oils are necessary to get all of the therapeutic benefits when topically using essential oils. There are a few different kinds I like: olive oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil. 

But my number 1 favorite is fractionated coconut oil. I’m not alone here either, fractionated coconut oil is utilized throughout the essential oils world because its small molecular structure makes it perfect for carrying essential oils into the body. 


Last but not least: roller bottles! A roller bottle is a dark bottle with a stainless steel ball top filled with essential oils and a carrier oil. Roller bottles are great for using on the go because it already contains prediluted oil. 

Create any kind of blend you want for your specific goal and roll on wrists, back of the neck and spine to access the nervous system. Roller bottles make essential oil use so easy and fun! 


The truth is my essential oils experience was a bit rocky at the beginning. I didn’t have everything I needed to make oil use easy and simple. That’s why I’m sharing this essential oils kit. It’s ideal because it has everything I mentioned above plus onboarding training to help you get acclimated to essential oils. After that, all you need is this Ultimate Essential Oils Guide, to learn everything you need to know to get started and thriving.

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