If there’s one sure thing you can do to elevate your lifestyle and feel good every day, it’s this: do everything you can to keep inflammation in check. Whether it’s from stress, a sugar overload, or a deeper cause like a chronic condition, inflammation is the enemy of longevity, and it drives all disease. 

This is why we do everything we can to live a low-tox, anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Today we’re sharing 3 healing superfoods that reduce inflammation. We’ll also tell you how you can easily add them to your diet. 

What is a superfood? 

Superfoods are a unique combination and concentration of nutrients that work together synergistically to promote wellness. We’ve already tapped into the power of antioxidants, leafy greens, and mushrooms in some of our latest episodes. Today, you’ll learn about the magic benefits of spices and how you can use them daily to prevent disease. 

Turmeric- some benefits include enhancing liver function, destroying mutated cells, and inhibiting the synthesis of a protein believed to play a big part in tumor formation. 

To increase consumption: make curries, add to soups and stews, add root to shake/smoothie, drink turmeric tea.

Ginger- benefits include supporting digestive health, soothing the GI tract, promoting gut motility. 

To increase consumption: drink in a tea, add to soups/stir fry, curries, add to smoothies/juices, use in sauces. 

Clove- benefits include healthy dental support, congestion relief, immune support, blood sugar regulation. 

To increase consumption: use essential oil via inhalation, topical, internal. 

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