If you experience an afternoon energy slump daily, this is a must-listenDiscover the top 3 reasons why your energy is crashing and what you can do about it starting today. By the end of this episode, you’ll have actionable steps on how to get energy in the afternoon. 

I will say that I STRUGGLED with this regularly before I started to live a healthier lifestyle. I was a pharmaceutical rep for a very large drug company and I would be driving around the suburbs of Orlando calling on doctors…bringing them lunches. My meals routinely consisted of processed food and that brings me to point number 1. 

1 – Imbalance Meals 

There is a certain formula that our bodies need as a foundation to thrive—proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, etc. If we are lacking in these areas, consistently, they our energy levels are going to struggle. 

A blanched meal fuels your body while working to keep blood sugar stable. Make sure during every meal you are consuming protein, healthy fat, fiber, and complex carbs. 

If you can do just one thing, I would look to include healthy fats at every meal because it can really support overall hormone health. One of my favorites is avocado 

2 – Under Eating 

This is so damaging to our hormones because not only are you starving your body of nutrients and minerals it needs for energy, you’re also creating inflammation, stress, and blood sugar imbalances in the body. 

The fix here is to make sure you are eating enough each day (no this doesn’t mean you need to count calories). Try to have a balanced meal every 3 to 4 hours and sometimes have a snack in between. 

3 – Cortisol Imbalances 

Our primary stress hormone, cortisol, can easily be dysregulated when you’re under stress. I find that many people who are struggling with cortisol imbalances and adrenal fatigue get completely exhausted in between 2 and 4 pm. I highly recommend focusing on sleep hygiene to help with cortisol imbalances. Also, the tips above will naturally help regulate cortisol. 

I hope this episode has helped you understand why you are experiencing energy crashes in the afternoon and what you can do about it today. For more guidance on balancing hormones, healing adrenal fatigue, and living your most energized life follow me on instagram @elevayshealth.

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