If you’re a skincare junkie, then you’ve heard of skincare fridges—mini-fridges where you store your favorite beauty products. 

Keeping your skincare products in a fridge is a great way to make your products more effective and last longer. But which products can you keep in your fridge? Here’s a list of the top 5 beauty products to keep in your skincare fridge and the best skincare fridges on the market. 

5 Beauty Products to Keep in Your Skincare Fridge

Facial Tools 

Whatever you use for your daily facial massage should be kept in your skincare fridge. That includes jade rollers, rose quartz rollers, and even a spoon. When you’re working on moving lymph and decreasing puffiness, keeping your tools cool is key! Some of our favorite facial tools are this Rose Quartz Roller, Empress Stone, and Jade Sculpting Spoon.  

Eye Creams 

Eye creams are meant to soothe, hydrate, de-puff, and cool. If you want to get the most out of your eye cream, you should definitely keep it in your skincare fridge. This is especially important for eye creams that are more like serums than thick moisturizers. In the case of a thick moisturizer, it’s best to leave it in the cabinet. Otherwise, give your eyes the gift of an ultimate wakeup call by stocking it in your fridge. For all-natural eye serums, we love Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum, Honest Beauty’s Deep Hydration Eye Cream, and Tata Harper Elixir Vitae Eye Serum

Temperature-Sensitive Products 

Ingredients like vitamin C, retinoids, aloe vera, and floral water all have an expiration date, and storing them in a cool fridge will help them last longer! And be stronger (; which is truly the most important thing. Check out our article on aloe vera for skincare to discover our favorite aloe vera products. We love Dr. Barbra Sturm’s Vitamin C Serum  and Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C Serum. For retinol serums, customers swoon over Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Nigh Serum. And for floral water, Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian rose water is a must-try. 

Mists and Toners 

For some added hydration and a beautiful glow, keep your skincare mists and toners in the fridge. Keeping these products cool will bring an immediate wakeup and plump too dull or tired skin. Some of our favorite facial mists and toners are True Botanicals Nutrient Toner, Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence Moisture Boosting Toner, and Eminence Red Currant Mattifying Mist.  

Sheet Masks 

Stock up your skincare fridge with sheet masks. The added benefits from the cooling effect won’t only boost its effectiveness, but also the entire experience. For natural sheet masks we can’t get enough of, check out Orgaid Organic Anti-Aging Sheet Mask, 100% Pure Collagen Boost Sheet Mask, and Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Charcoal Sheet Mask. 

Now all you need is a skincare fridge! Here are some of the most popular according to the worldwide web. 

The Best Skincare Fridges 

The Cooluli Mini Beauty Fridge 

This fridge’s compact, portable design makes it easy to keep your skincare with you, wherever you go. It comes in five different colors and is perfect for storing on your vanity or in your bathroom. 

The Makeup Fridge 

This pretty pink fridge will bring in all the bright fun to your room and skincare routine. You can even remove the shelves to create more room for bigger products. 

Frigidaire Portable Retro Mini Fridge 

Who says your skincare fridge needs to be specifically designed for skincare? If you like retro, this portable mini fridge will make all of your 80’s dreams come true while fitting all your mists and masks just perfectly. 

Chefman Pink Travel Fridge 

This little fridge is perfect for when you’re headed out for a weekend vacation or road trip. It comes with a secure latch to make sure no items get lost behind, plus a sleek handle for portability. 

Flawless Beauty Fridge from Finishing Touch 

This white glossy mini fridge with rose details is an adorable option. The front door is a dry erase board to help you keep track of what’s inside or to doodle fun, personalized designs.

For beauty from the inside-out, check out our Beauty Collagen Complex for a radiant complexion and anti-aging benefits. For ultimate hydration and skin radiance, check out our Hydration Superfood Energy powder. 

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