Pressing play on your favorite podcast is like calling up your best and wisest friend for some real talk. One episode can spark creativity, foster profound transformation, or make you feel like you’re not alone. The podcasts below are the best shows for exactly this. Whether you’re on aux on the way to the grocery store, a long afternoon walk, or just chilling in the house, these podcasts for women’s wellness are your new go-to. 

10 Podcasts for Women’s Wellness & Transformation

1. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Researcher and storyteller Brene Brown guides conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart in her podcast Unlocking Us. Recent guests include Luke and Wilie Nelson, Karen Walrond, Brett Goldstein, and Esther Perel. 

2. Feel Good Podcast with Kimberly Snyder

Host and New York Times  best-selling author Kimberly Snyder dives into spirituality, nutrition, and yoga in her highly-rated Feel Good Podcast. Listeners get valuable insight and practical tools to help create a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness, and healing. Once a week, Kimberly sits down with experts in the wellness space. Every Thursday, listeners get a special Q&A segment with questions from the community. Recent interviews include Dr. Shainna Ali, Dr. KJaroll Darsa, and Megan O’Neill. 

3. Almost 30 with Krista Williams and Lindsay Simcik

You don’t need to be 30 or almost anywhere near it to listen. Almost 30 is like sitting down with your best girlfriends every week for heart-centered, hilarious, real, raw, and impactful conversations. The best friends dive into topics like modern spirituality and health and wellness to entrepreneurship and self-development. Tune in for episodes every Tuesday and Thursday and find a global community of empowered and inspiring women. Incredible interviews include Jay Shetty, Glennon Doyle, and Gabby Bernstein. 

4. Balanced Black Girl with Lestraundra Alfred

Hosted by personal trainer and nutritionist Lestraundra “Les” Alfred, Balanced Black Girl creates a safe space for Black women to have honest conversations around self-love and self-care. The content is raw and unapologetic. The interviews take on topics like relationships, mental health, finances, nutrition, and finances with a breath of fresh air and a relatable tone. Recent interviews include Dr. Akua Woolbright, Tiffany Hall, and Alea Lovely. 

5. What’s the Juice with Olivia Amitrano

Herbalist and Founder of Organic Olivia, Olivia Amitrano, hosts the mind-blowing podcast What’s the Juice. Topics range from herbalism, psychology, astrology, spirituality, wellness, and more. Olivia gets candid and honest about her continual healing journey in her episodes and with her incredible guests. Recent guests include Dr. Amen, Kelsey Barret, and Lilly Ashwell. 

6. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

If you’re not already listening to this podcast, but you’re on a mission to complete some goals this year, you’ve got to tune in! Jenna Kutcher is your biz coach bff in her top-rated podcast Goal Digger. Through her solo episodes and guest interviews, you’ll learn social media strategies, productivity tips, business hacks, and entrepreneurship stores that help you design your dream business and life. 

Recent episodes include “How My Podcast Grew to 60 Million Downloads” and “5 Things to Do When You Need Motivation.” Popular guests include Mel Robbins, Emily Sexton, Lara Casey, and Ashyln Carter. 

7. Expanded Podcast by To Be Magnetic and Lacy Phillips

Your go-to podcast for grounded manifestation. Listeners tune in weekly for deep dives into the To Be Magnetic process, powerful manifestations, and transformation stories, and interviews with industry experts and expanders who will help you “see to believe” what is possible. Expanded is a beautiful podcast for women who are interested in diving into subconscious programming, childhood trauma, finances, career, and self-love. Recent interviews include Dr. Zach Bush, Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice, and Alex Elle. 

8. Naked Beauty with Brooke Devard

Host Brooke Devard’s podcast Naked Beauty brings listeners in on honest and powerful conversations about beauty trends, self-care, and wellness. She sits down with women she admires to dive into unfiltered conversations about being a woman in the modern world. Recent episodes include “How to Manage Holiday Anxiety, Overeating, and Gratitude” and “I Talk with Teens About Beauty”. 

9. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Host Gretchen Rubin is happier, and she wants you to be too. Rubin is the author of the best-selling book of the Happier Project, and in this podcast, she gets more personal than ever with practical and accessible advice about good habits and happiness. Recent episodes include “Little Happier: Now You’ll Be Working All the Time” and “Make a Choice (Like an Actor). Do a Favor for Your Future Self. Liz Lange Talks About Secrets, Success, Loss.” 

10. The Natural Modern Family with Erica Jones MHS and Dr. Isaac Jones

Our podcast, The Natural Modern Family, is a place where women can come to learn together, dream together, and heal together. As we shift our focus to more women’s health, hormones, and adrenal fatigue, we’re giving you the inside scoop on what is making you tired and blah blah blah. This is learning in a whole new way. Dr. Jones offers a doctor’s insight into the science while I, Erica, offer insight into real life experience. Grab some tea, these short and sweet episodes are just what the doctor ordered. 

Recent episode favorites include “Dr. Shannon Curtis on her Post-Pil Journey, Natural Remedies for Acne, and Herbs for Hormones,” “Reclaim Your Calm with Abi Taugwalder,” and “Adrenal Fatigue, Leaky Gut, and Wild Hormones.” 

I hope this list has you excited about listening to some new podcasts! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve listened and loved any of these

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