Caroline Frenette is a green beauty junkie, essential oil alchemist, and the founder of Journey To Glow, a platform and podcast on a mission to educate, empower and support womxn who want to heal their skin holistically and naturally. After suffering from rosacea for 10 years, Caroline became what she calls a detective to try and figure out how to heal. She now helps women all over the world heal from rosacea and other skin issues. 

We love Caroline’s approach to skincare. She believes that a radiant complexion comes from the inside, and that nourishing with nature is the key to healing. In this episode, we dive deep into the role nutrition plays in skin health and the top foods to crowd out. She explains how some foods we consider healthy may really be the culprit in our skin issues. Foods like kombucha, bone broth, olives, wine, and cheese are all high in histamines can be rosacea triggers. Dr. Jones explains the underlying triggers of histamine reactions and how they ultimately cause inflammation and common skin conditions. 

If you’re interested in learning about nutrition for healthy skin, essential oils for skin, and how to lead with your intuition on your healing journey, this is a must-listen. 

Nutrition, Being-ness, and Mindset for Healing 

Caroline shares the top three things she owes her skin transformation: nutrition, beingness, and mindset. 

When approaching nutrition, Caroline goes beyond consuming healthy, whole foods—when she consumes her food she eats with love. She talks about getting in touch with her food, knowing where it comes from, and slowing down and always consuming with gratitude. 

The trio also dive into the most common modern day problem: constant fight or flight mode. Being in fight or flight for the majority, if not all, of our day drives up inflammation and contributes to our disconnection with our innate healing abilities. Caroline talks about how simply being with  herself and her daily activities fostered incredible realization and results within her journey to glow. 

Third, Caroline owes her skin transformation to a change in mindset. She talks about getting to the emotional root cause of dis-ease and looking at her childhood trauma helped her understand how/why her skin was manifesting these issues. 

More on Common Skin Issues and Rosacea 

Ever heard of demodex mites?! These mites are on all of our skin microbiomes, but those with rosacea have more! Caroline explains how she approaches these little suckers with a homemade blend with tea tree oil, neem oil, chamomile oil, and frankincense oil. 

If we’ve learned anything about Caroline in this episode it’s that she is a die-hard natural botanicals fan and a lover of plant spirit medicine.  She’s tried tons of expensive “all-natural” products on the market yet simple, potent plant medicine always wins out. Her favorite skin-calming products? Her homemade exfoliants with comfrey root, chamomile flower, and rose petals, and simple oils like jojoba and black cumin seed oil. 

We also get a look into her bad experience with her 30 day celery juice experiment for rosacea. Caroline emphasized the importance of understanding bio individuality and how we should always check in with our intuition to make sure something is for us. 

Tune in to learn more about Caroline’s skin story and specific foods, products, and practices for your skin healing journey. 

Find Caroline at Journey to Glow’s website. Her podcast is Journey to Glow Podcast

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