My kitchen is my favorite place to be. Making tea in the morning, fixing lunch in the afternoon, or getting with my husband to make dinner together–it truly is the heart of our home. But it wouldn’t be as amazing without all my trusty appliances. These are the 10 non-toxic kitchen tools we can’t live without.  

1. BPA-Free Blender 

We love using our Vitamix to whip up easy and healthy protein smoothies in the morning. We swear by Vitamix blenders because they’re BPA free and ridiculously fast at mixing up anything cold we crave. Because it’s made out of plastic, we don’t use this blender to make anything hot–but boy is it good for smoothies and gazpachos! 

2. Wooden Spoons 

These hand-crafted walnut wooden spoons are perfect for sauteing and cooking with instead of conventional plastic spoons. Plastic kitchen tools can easily chip into your meal or leach plastic when used at a high temperature. Wooden spoons not only work better but they also look better (; 

3. Cast Iron Pans 

Nothing is as classic as a cast iron skillet. They are great for searing meats and creating a “non-stick” surface without the toxic technology of a non-stick, making it a wonderful non-toxic kitchen tool. Remember to always keep your pan well-seasoned and to never wash with soap! 

4. Instant Pot and VitaClay 

Most slow cookers and pressure cookers are glazed with chemicals and heavy metals that end up leaching into your family’s food. Not these two healthy alternatives. 

An Instant Pot just very well be the appliance of the century. The stainless steel insert allows for fast or slow cooking without the toxic lead glaze that comes with most pressure cookers. Make rice, pork-chops, short ribs, soups, stews and whatever your little heart desires in this must-have. 

Now let’s talk about the VitaClay. This smart organic clay stock pot is 6 quarts of “honey, dinner’s ready”. It’s the fastest, easiest, and healthiest way to make delicious, life-changing recipes. And it’s our best-selling product. 

5. Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaner 

Instead of having to go out and buy conventional and toxic kitchen sprays, I make my own at home. All it takes is a reusable glass spray bottle, a couple common household ingredients, and essential oils. Essential oils are powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial agents. They work hard to cut grease, clean surfaces, and purify the air. Check out this video to learn exactly how I make my DIY all-purpose cleaner. 

6. Dr. Bronner’s Soap for Handwashing 

Dr. Bronner’s is my favorite brand for soaps! While we love all of Dr. Bronner’s products (yes, they’re fair trade and organic!), we especially love their organic sugar hand soap. I keep one of these in every bathroom and in the kitchen. It’s made without toxins and only the best ingredients that aren’t drying. But that’s not even the best part. This hand soap is a 4-in-1! Yup. Hands, face, body, and hair soap. And we have it in 5 all-natural scents in our store

7. Bee’s Wrap 

We ditched aluminum foil, plastic wrap and baggies a long time ago. But to be honest, it got kind of annoying always having to put half a lemon or other things in a tupperware. When we discovered Bee’s Wrap we were head over heels in love. You can wrap half an avocado, melon, sandwiches, bread– whatever you need to! This reusable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic is non-toxic and a must for any kitchen. 

8. Non-Toxic Cutting Board

Conventional cutting boards made out of plastic and treated wood leach chemicals into the food you’re preparing. Our favorite non-toxic cutting board is our olive wood one as well as one that is teak. They are both preservative and plastic free. Check out this article on non-toxic cutting boards to discover your new favorite kitchen tool. 

9. Glass Kettle 

My husband loves using this glass kettle to make his coffee every morning. I love it to make tea! Most electric kettles are made with plastic which means that when it’s boiling, hormone disruptors and other chemicals are leaching into your “healthy” drink. The Cosori Electric Kettle we use boils water in minutes….and it looks pretty on the counter, too (; 

10. Toaster Oven 

We use a toaster oven instead of a microwave. Microwaves are controversial but we prefer not to use them because there is a lot of research out there that suggests they denature the nutrients much more than heating in other ways. A toaster oven does it all and it makes our list of kitchen tools we can’t live without. 

Now that you know the kitchen tools we can’t live without, what’s one of yours?! Let me know in the comments below!

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