In our last episode of our seven episode series, the 7 habits of healthy people, we’re talking about Mastery. If you want to learn how to build healthy habits that lasts, this is the final puzzle piece. Mastery is where natural living becomes effortless. It’s not about “having arrived,” but it’s about finding your rhythm and flow. Today, we’re sharing the four keys to mastering your health. 

Unconscious Competence: where healthy living becomes a lifestyle. It feels effortless, relaxed, easy, and efficient. 

How to Get Unconscious Competence in 4 Steps:  

  1. Become More Aware: get out of auto-pilot and your regular routine and create new habits. Ask yourself, “how am I feeling, how am I functioning?” 
  2. Tap Into Your Intuition: what resonates with you? What’s in alignment/out of alignment? What is your body telling you? 
  3. Get Customizable Data: How can I align my lifestyle with the data I know about my body? 
  4. Refining/Biohacking: Making connections and discoveries. This is the process of combining intuition and awareness with the data to get a complete picture 

Featured in this episode… 

Essential Oils for Detoxification and Gut Health Workshop

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