In this episode, I’m getting personal. I’m sharing my journey of healing from adrenal fatigue 5 times. I’m going to share the 4 step process I used to regain my energy and take back my life. If you are struggling with exhaustion, burnout, acne, hormonal imbalances, and more, this episode is for you. I share with you how to recover from adrenal fatigue. 

Before I met Isaac, I was working as a pharmaceutical rep—a job I hated. I would wake up exhausted after a full night’s sleep, eat cereal, and jump in the car to speed off to work. I was stressed out and felt like I was lost. I would pick up fast food for lunch, and hydrate with high-sugar fruit juice and Sprite. I was struggling physically and emotionally. 

Shortly after meeting Isaac, I took lab tests to find what was going on. I was in Stage 3 adrenal fatigue, my hormones were completely imbalanced and I had dozens of food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies. 

He put me on a four step protocol to treat adrenal fatigue:

  1. Stress and energy management: proper hydration, managing physical, emotional, and mental stressors
  2. Regulating circadian rhythms: getting sunlight in your eyes first thing in the morning, avoiding blue light at night, go to bed early, wind-down routine 
  3. Improving nutrition and healing the gut: cut out food triggers, processed foods, and prioritize healing foods 
  4. Prioritizing self-care: I ditched tv and media at night, prioritized self care habits like journaling, paying, stretching, reading positive books, taking baths with essential oils 

I hope this episode has helped you see that healing is possible. For more support, get on the waitlist for our Adrenal Fatigue Coaching Program, launching in spring 2022.

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