If you want to know how to heal hormonal acne naturally, this episode is for you. Dr. Shannon Curtis is a holistic acne doctor and herbalist and THE go-to expert for healing acne at the root.

As a naturopathic doctor, herbalist, and holistic women’s health practitioner, Dr. Shannon is on a mission to help women feel their most confident selves, inside and out. She has a clinical practice in Boulder, Colorado. She is also the founder of Wild Roots Alchemy, an online education and coaching platform where she helps women heal from hormonal imbalance, acne, and other skin issues. 

In this episode, Dr. Shannon answers common questions like “do hormones cause acne?” and “which hormones cause acne?!” We dive into the four hormones that play a significant role in skin issues, including cortisol and estrogen. 

She also explains how your nervous system’s health directly impacts skin health. As you know, I am passionate about helping women heal from adrenal fatigue, and we know that AF is often caused by a dysregulated nervous system that can’t calm down! That’s why our clients often have adult acne or skin concerns. Downregulating the nervous system and nourishing the NS is crucial for nourishing the skin. 

We also learn about seed cycling, the benefits of oil cleansing, herbs for skin health, acne healing foods recs, and the best topicals for acne scar healing.

If you missed Dr. Shannon’s first episode on the pod, listen here

I hope you enjoyed this episode. DM me on Instagram your thoughts and any questions at all! 

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