Even with healthy eating, it can sometimes be difficult to eat enough greens. Greens are one of the most health beneficial foods to eat for a variety of reasons, and we should all make sure we have enough in our regular diet. In this episode we’re going to share some of the top green foods to boost your energy, immune system function, beauty, and more! 

Green powders are a great option for when you want to get all your greens in—quickly and easily. But what exactly should you be looking for when choosing a green powder? There are 12 superfood greens that you should always look for before purchasing a powder. 

  1. Spirulina- improves gut health, stabilizes blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, detoxes
  2. Spinach- boosts circulation, relaxes, improves digestion 
  3. Wheatgrass- improves digestion, detoxes, decreases bloating and constipation, helps with IBS, boosts immunity 
  4. Phytoplankton- reduces inflammation, fights free radicals, boosts mood, boosts liver and immune function, regenerates cells, supports cardiovascular health 
  5. Dulse- detoxifies, binds to heavy metals, supports thyroid health and metabolism

In addition to going into the specific benefits of each of these greens, we talk about what to look out for when choosing a powder (some aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!).

Since this episode released, we formulated our own greens powder. Our Immunity Greens contains all of these must-have greens, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals and more essential for ironclad immunity and overall wellness. Shop for it here!

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