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Something that I always thought was interesting about human biology is how different men and women are. Women’s hormones are constantly in flux while men’s hormones stay consistently stable throughout their lives. It’s no wonder women are more likely to gain weight and have a more difficult time trying to lose it than men. It also explains why women, by nature, are more emotional. Our moods flow with our biological clocks and that’s how it’s worked since the beginning of time. It’s why we, as a species, have survived for so long.  The wonderful thing is that essential oils for emotions help this natural ebb and flow stay balanced. 

We’re told that our emotions are the enemy, that we should medicate them away. 1 in 4 women are prescribed drugs for mental health compared to just 15% of men. And most prescription medications are marketed to women. But think about it like this: If we medicated away our emotions (basically numbed ourselves) then we would never change things that need to be changed. We would never grow. Not to mention, there are some serious nasty side effects of prescription medication. Now, I’m not saying that all prescription medication is bad, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. What I’m saying is that there are all-natural remedies that work with your body to balance, not work against it. 

Despite the intro to this article, these essential oils for emotions are not just for women! Men – they are for you, too. So when you’re feeling a little out of control with your emotions, or you just want some balance in your life – try these essential oils and DIY recipes to feel like the best version of yourself. 

Essential Oils and Emotions 


  • Bergamot
  • Cedarwood
  • Frankincense


  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Melissa 


  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Wild orange

Confidence, lack of  

  • Grapefruit 
  • Jasmine
  • Sandalwood 


  • Myrrh
  • Rose 
  • Grapefruit


  • Basil 
  • Ginger 
  • Lemon 


  • Eucalyptus
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender


  • Frankincense
  • Oregano
  • Thyme 


  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Wintergreen 


  • Basil 
  • Lemon
  • Rosemary

How to Use Essential Oils for Mood & Behavior 


  • Inhale from bottle 
  • Diffuse oils of choice 
  • Apply a few drops to clothing 
  • Diffuser jewelry 


  • Under nose 
  • Back of neck (suboccipital triangles) 
  • On forehead
  • Roof of mouth (place oil on pad of thumb, place thumb on roof of mouth and suck) 
  • Chest 


The proper way to take oils internally is to use a veggie cap and add a food grade carrier oil (like EVOO) to dilute.
To ingest essential oils in liquids, the ideal way is to mix the essential oil with a half teaspoon of honey. Then it can be taken by mouth or mixed into hot water if someone wants to drink the oil. I also have no problem with adding a drop of oil when I am blending a smoothie because it gets mixed much better.

DIY Recipes for Emotions 

The blends below are roller bottles or a diffuser. I love roller bottles because they allow me to experience the benefits of essential oils even when I’m on the go. For any of the roller bottle recipes below, add all drops to the bottle and fill the rest with your favorite carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil is a great choice!). 

To use, apply to forearms, back of neck (over the spine), inside the wrists, bottoms of the feet or inhale in the palms of your hands. 

Diffuser blends are also amazing! Diffusers allow you to passively experience the benefits of essential oils without having to actively apply them. I diffuse in my office, while cooking, playing with my kids, folding laundry and even when I sleep! They are a gamechanger for creating an amazing environment. 

Ease My Mind 

This one is made with purifying oils such as Tea Tree, Oregano and Lemon to cleanse the mind. Do not apply topically to skin if you will be out in the sun. Do not use Oregano if you are pregnant or nursing. 

  • 4 Tea Tree
  • 2 Lemongrass
  • 3 Oregano 
  • 2 Lemon
  • 2 Lavender
  • 1 Wild Orange

Good Vibes Diffuser Blend

For when you need to uplift your perspective and create a better atmosphere and better mood. This aromatic profile is one of my FAVES and I never get sick of using it. Add all drops to a diffuser, add water and enjoy!

  • 3 bergamot or wild orange
  • 2 clary sage
  • 2 frankincense
  • 1 ylang ylang or jasmine
  • 1 lemon

Reclaim Your Calm Roller Bottle Recipe

Use this one when life seems chaotic and out of control. Reclaim your sense of calm and ease by rolling on this aromatic blend. See text above for details on how to use roller bottle recipes. 

  • 4 Bergamot
  • 3 Sandalwood
  • 3 Ylang Ylang
  • 2 Lemon
  • 2 White Fir

Now that you’ve got an arsenal of aromatherapy for emotions, are you ready to dive in? Your emotions are real and they are important. Sometimes though, the ups and downs can become too much and an all-natural way to balance can be a beautiful thing.

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