At nine months pregnant, Brynn Putman pitched her fitness product to investors. As a single female founder, Putman was told repeatedly to find a co-founder—preferably one who was male—and recommended that she wait until after her pregnancy to fundraise. 

On the day her son George was born, Putman signed her first round of seed funding for 3 million dollars. Two weeks later, she was back at work with her breast pump in hand. 

That was in 2018, and in September of 2020, Putman sold her product, Mirror, to LuluLemon for 500 million dollars. 

“You sort of learn very quickly who are the investors who understood the vision and those who definitely do not,” Putman said in an interview last year. 

Brynn Putman’s story is a tale of embracing the sacred feminine. She fully realized her worth, stood in it, and didn’t budge for anyone. She paved her own path, not the one that was expected of her. 

As women, we are constantly told to calm down. To stop using exclamation points—stop caring so much—to dim our lights and shut off our intuition to be taken more seriously.  

To do any of those things would be to forsake our Divine Feminine energy. 

Connecting to our sacred feminine is all about understanding our power. Many of us feel pressured to be, talk, and act masculine to succeed in our careers and in the world. But the truth is, our creativity lies in our innate feminine energy—and having a good balance is where the magic lies. 

A woman who embraces her creativity and sustains her energy through self-care, self-love, and intuition is more powerful and successful than a woman who pushes herself so hard that she exhausts herself. Joy and success are not separate. Pleasure and hard work are not either. 

How do we let go of these old limiting beliefs and step into our feminine energy?

It all starts with a ritual. 

Ritual is medicine. Ritual does not mean checking off the same morning to-do list every day. It means connecting with yourself on a deep level, daily, in a flowy state—whatever that looks like to you. 

You can start with taking a moment every morning to ground and connect with yourself. Foster a space where you can listen to your heart and inner wisdom. By doing this, you are getting in front of your day. This will give you a chance to connect with your highest, most authentic self and do what she does. 

You can cultivate a sacred space for yourself with a meditation pillow, candlejournal, music, flowers, crystals, smudging tool, essential oils etc. 

For some inspiration, we can look to these chakra rituals. 

Our chakras (our seven energy centers) are the bridge to our inner wisdom. They help us understand of our bodies and emotions and can be a great way to harness the Divine Feminine. 



Located at the base of the spine is the root chakra and the color associated with it is red. 

It represents our security and foundation. If our chakra is closed (no energy flow), we may feel anxious, fearful, or unsafe. We may experience low energy, constant feelings of being insecure or unfit. 

Are your basic needs being met?

Do you feel grounded, safe, and secure?

To open our root chakra, we can meditate in a seated position and visualize golden roots moving through the ground and into our base. Feel the feelings of security and safety—like mother earth is holding you. 


Located around the pelvis and hips, the sacral chakra represents creation and play when it is open. When it is closed, we may feel resentful, unforgiving, controlling, withdrawn, judgemental, and experience hormone imbalances or low libido. 

Because it is so closely related to our sexual organs, many times, women who are struggling with irregular periods or getting pregnant have a lot of blockages here. 

Are my sexual desires satisfied?

How can I bring more play and creativity into my life? 

Do I allow myself to feel beautiful and sexy?

To bring flowing energy to your sacral chakra, you can draw, dance, play, exercise, paint, watch a film. 

Solar Plexus 

Located above the navel, the solar plexus connects us to our true self, power, and values. This is where our ego lies. When it is closed, we may experience anger, insecurity, jealousy, loss of purpose, low confidence, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, and even stomach and lunch issues. 

What are my values?

Who am I?

Take time to journal your values and who you want to be. Try and incorporate daily lifestyle changes to align with this authentic version of you. 


Located in the chest, this chakra is all about love and inner peace. When it is closed, we may experience depression, jealousy, greed, grief, and seek validation. When it is open, we have forgiveness, compassion, acceptance of self and others, and motivation to follow our hearts. 

How do I practice self-love?

How do I receive love?

How do I give love? 

Visualize a golden beam of light coming in through your heart as you take deep inhales and exhales. Use the mantras: I am loving awareness, I am loving-kindness, I am light, I am love. 


Located at the neck and tops of shoulders, the throat chakra is all about communication. If it is closed, we may be unable to voice opinions and have fear of expressing our true self. We may also have difficulty listening to others or dominate the conversation. We may also experience hormone fluctuation. 

How do I speak to myself and others?

Am I speaking my truth?

Where in my life do I need to listen/speak up?

Singing, chanting, humming, and speaking words of affirmation and only what is true to you will help open up your throat chakra. 

Third Eye 

Located in between your eyebrows, this chakra is all about your inner knowing, intuition, and manifestation. By strengthening this chakra we can tap into our deep feminine intuition and empathy. 

What is happening when I am dreaming?

Do I listen to my intuition?

Do I have gut feelings?

Am I working towards my desires?

Tap on the point between your eyebrows to activate your third eye. Close your eyes and internally rotate them up and in. Visualize a purple light coming in through that center and deeply inhale and exhale. 


Located above the top of the head, the crown chakra is where we can connect to our highest self. If we feel disconnected from ourselves, lack a vision for the future or inspiration, we could have a closed crown chakra. 

Am I having nightmares?

Do I lack creativity and inspiration?

How can I bring out the best in others and myself/

Am I conscious in my daily life? 

Visualizing your best self and feeling the feelings of abundance and like you already have what you desire is a great way to open your crown chakra. 

When we begin to expand our feminine energies and our capacity to create from our hearts, we balance our desire to succeed, our ego, and our masculine mentality. 

And when this happens, we can create our world from a place of love, service, and sacredness. 

As mothers, we may feel like we have an unbalance of the feminine. Maybe we are nurturing and caring for our children, but when it comes to ourselves or our partner, we lack sensuality and vulnerability (ie sacral chakra closed) 

As entrepreneurs, bosses, or leaders, we may feel like we need to stop doing something because it is too girly or that we feel like we can’t step into our power because we will get told we are too much. Whatever it is, exploring our sacred feminine and how we can ground into it is necessary for mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

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