Whether you got your MD, DC or ND, you know that the things that help your patients the most are learned outside of your program. Typically it’s through real life experience, learning from experts and going to seminars.

It was a cool fall day and I had just walked into class. I was a quarter of the way through my doctorate program when one of my friends made a comment to me, “dude, are you okay? You look jaundiced. Your face is pale and your hands are yellow. What’s going on?”

I knew it.

I wasn’t healthy.

And yet I’m going through school to help people “get healthy”. I went home and looked at myself in the mirror. I had puffy eyes, my face was flush and indeed my hands were yellow. What my friend didn’t know is that I was also dealing with chronic athlete’s foot and crotch itch.

Luckily I had overcome ADHD and dyslexia and got off of all my medications that I was on 6 years prior. That transformation was the reason why I wanted to become a doctor. To help others the way I was helped…

But I still wasn’t up to par. And the things I was learning in school didn’t move the dial.

So I became obsessed with getting certifications, flying out and shadowing the best doctors in the country and going to seminars where I could learn more.

It was the extra-curricular things that I did outside of school that transformed my health.

A doctor by the name of Dr. Daniel Pompa had a marked impact on me. I had gone through he and his partner Warrens events, and over the course of 3 months all my skin issues went away, my health was maximized and I gained 10lbs of muscle.

Dr. Pompa, Warren and I later started a seminar company together teaching doctors how to address these 21st century health epidemics. Educating doctors helped me solidify my expertise even more as I dug into more research.

The point is, true growth comes from “getting on the court” and doing two things. The first thing is to learn from the best, and the second thing is to then integrate your learnings for ultimate impact.

The two doctors In our case study did just that.

The first doctor’s name is Jay Davison DC who built a successful practice, sold it and built his dream health business online. And the second doctor’s name is Daniel Stickler MD who left being a bariatric surgeon making over $800,000 per year to build his dream practice where he works with people both in his office and virtually. Both have built what I call “assets” that can scale both of their impact and income.

For women reading this, I have plenty of examples of women “crushing it”, including my wife Erica that I will write about in the future.

Dr. Jay Davidson Systematized, Scaled Then Sold his Practice & Build his Dream Health Business

From the very beginning Dr. Jay Davidson (Jay) didn’t want to rely on insurance to get paid. He saw the challenges that it caused doctors and wanted to learn a more preventative model where people were willing to pay cash to work with him.

Jay went through much of the same training that I did to open up one of these cash based health practices. He opened up his office and immediately started to grow his business. His wife, also a doctor, helped him build this business…

Until her health took a nosedive.

She had been diagnosed with a severe case of Lyme disease. Jay was going to stop at nothing to help her. He turned into an ambitious researcher. This situation forced him to systematize his practice so he could spend more time researching what he could do to help her.

Through surrounding himself with some of the top health scientists in the world, including Dr. Pompa, he was able to reverse his wife’s condition through a protocol he developed called the “5-step plan”. From the outside looking in, he was “successful”:

  • He had systematized and scaled an extremely successful health center
  • He was extremely financially success and stable
  • He helped his wife get her life back

But realized he wasn’t “fulfilled” or living the lifestyle he wanted to while making the impact he knew he could make. He was dealing with:

  • Lack of fulfillment in his close relationships
  • Not having the freedom that he wanted to
  • Trading time for money and having his business control him

I met him right after he had helped reverse his wife’s lyme. He and I were speaking at a doctor’s event in Salt Lake City Utah. I presented on the current state of health and how doctors can create their dream lives without compromising impact or income. After I got off stage I sat with him at the back of the room. He and I brainstormed on what his bigger and brighter future looked like.

At the time I had 15,000 subscribers to my website and 20,000 people downloading my podcast. He too wanted a bigger impact, so we brainstormed some powerful ideas. He couldn’t sleep that night. He woke up early in the morning with the idea of doing a lyme disease online interview series. A few months later he launched this interview series on lyme disease and impacted over 30,000 people and grossed a few hundred thousand dollars.

He’s replicated this model again for his “Detox Project” online series which had over 50,000 people that attended. Many doctors that I work with keep both their brick and mortar while building their online brands. Jay did this to start, then sold his practice and now has a 7 figure online virtual consultation, education and residual income business.

More importantly after selling his office he moved to his dream location, San Diego California. He also cultivated a deeper more meaningful relationship with his wife and is spending more time with his beautiful daughter and gets to walk her to school every day.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

You create your own economy whether it’s an up or down market. Wait till your learn about my friend Dan.

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How a Bariatric Surgeon Walked Away From A $800,000 A Year Job to Create His Dream Business & Live His Dream Life

One of my friends David Asprey, the creator of the “Bulletproof coffee” brand held an event in Pasadena California where he invited me out. There I met a guy by the name of Seth Blaustein the founder of a TED type company called “Voice & Exit”. After hearing about what I do, he said, “you need to meet Dr. Daniel Stickler”!

He set us up with a phone call and the rest is history. He’s becoming one of my dear friends, and someone that I think will inspire you as much as he does me.

Daniel Stickler MD (Dan) was a pioneer of the new forms of bariatric surgery in the late 1990’s and into the 2000’s. He had comprehensive lifestyle programs for his patients and required that they check in with him regularly even years after their surgery to ensure that their results would stick. He went above and beyond what other bariatric surgeons were doing.

After years and years of dedicating his life to helping people lose weight he was extremely frustrated. Here’s what he knew:

  • It didn’t matter what systems of success he put in place, if people weren’t committed to a new way of living they would eventually gain their weight back
  • Although the 3 years studies looked good, he had been in the game long enough to know that the 5 year post surgery studies were dismal
  • He would always have a job and not have to worry about work, but felt like he was “part of the problem” not the solution
  • That he was being controlled by the “system”.

So he left his $800,000.00+ per year job to create a human potential program to help people not just lose weight and prevent disease but help them access high performance.

Similar to what I experience my first year, he made 10% of what he was use to making, which was as tough for him as it was for me.

After we had met, he was inspired to launch better online marketing strategies, increase his prices and train doctors on lifestyle and disease prevention genetics in a year long mastermind program.

He did just that, and last week he held an event in a mansion he rented on the beach for doctors that flew in from around the world to learn from him. His practice is booming with leads coming in online from around the world. And because of his vision, he attracted Dr. Jeffry Life MD PhD to work with him, the guy who has the body of a 30 year old but is in his 70’s.

Dan has become an expert in lifestyle genetics, he stayed in his practice and build a digital marketing strategy around him that:

  • Generates leads so he doesn’t have to worry about where his next patient is coming from
  • Creates residual income so he can scale his business with the different “assets” he’s created
  • Allows him to continue to work on making his vision come into fruition

You may be thinking, “I’m too stuck” to do any of the things above. Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. Just dream a little and move towards that dream, and soon enough you’ll look back and realize “I’ve arrived”.

The “Secret Sauce” Formula To Creating Your Dream Health Business Unique to You

Both Jay and Dan didn’t leave what they were doing all at once. They created a vision for their futures, they got more education, they surrounded themselves with health leaders and made the transition.

You have a bigger and brighter future, and you know you do.

The question is, do you want to just let life pass you by or do something about it? If you want to do something about it, then you need to surround yourself with success.

To help you accomplish your vision I’ve partnered up with my friend Dr. Josh Axe who built and scaled his wellness practice, sold it, and now has an online business that he’s scaling that four years ago was doing fix figures and this year is on track to do close to ½ of 100 million.

Our goal is to share our business insights with you in an upcoming live event where you’ll discover how to:

  • Take control of your business and life again
  • Create maximal joy in your work day
  • Get clarity on what your ideal practice or health business looks like
  • Create specific action steps to move in the direction of your dreams

We are creating a community of “abundant minded”, “big hearted” doctors and health professionals that will collaborate, support and build each other up.

If you’re interested in plugging into this community then consider attending the Health Experts Academy Live Event.
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Here’s what you can look forward to at the Health Experts Academy:

  • Inside secrets from the industry’s leading health doctors and entrepreneurs to show you the specific steps to build your dream business
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  • Hot Seats – Tap into the collective genius of the room by getting direct feedback on your vision and business ideas.
  • Lots more exciting goodies…but you’ll have to show up to find out what they are

On top of all of that you’ll get a chance to connect with Dan Stickler, Jay Davidson and a host of other brilliant people like them.

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