You’ve finally finished your mystery novel and are in need of a new book. I’ve got you covered. Maybe you want to switch up the genre up a little bit, maybe try something informative with a splash of inspiration? The top health books I list below have been praised by smart, cool women everywhere. When I say “health”  I’m not just talking about doing squats and eating veggies- I am talking mind, body, and soul health. These books are guaranteed to spark motivation and healing. I love them, and I know you will too.


Reclaim your self-worth and change the shape of your body

Psychologist Dana James gives women a guide to self-empowerment in her eye-opening book The Archetype Diet. The first page gives a good summary of the feelings you will have with each page turn. You will finally feel understood.

“This is for every woman who has felt the pain of not enough-not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not important enough, and not different enough. You are not alone. May this book be a catalyst for deep self-discovery and complete self-acceptance.”

Dana James is a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and cognitive behavior therapist. After hearing stories from over 3,000 women clients, James wrote The Archetype Diet to address emotional patterns and subconscious behaviors that affect the physical body.

She decodes the physical body by going deep into the mind and noting that how a woman defines her self-worth shapes eating behaviors and hormonal changes in the body. Here’s a look into the 4 different archetypes.

Wonder Woman

You may be a wonder woman if you base your self-worth off of how successful you are. Do you come home and have to wind down with a glass of wine? Do you base your success in life off of achievement and recognition in the workplace?

Femme Fatale

Do you base your self-worth off of your looks? While growing up were you only complimented on your beauty rather than your brains? If you source your self-worth from your physical appearance you may be a femme fatale. Maybe you find yourself being too restrictive with a diet or you have over-indulging and binge tendencies.


Do you always put others first? Do you source your self-worth by always being there for others? When you were younger we’re you praised for your kindness and compassion towards others? Do you have tendencies to put others before yourself? Do you find yourself comfort eating or overindulging secretly?


Do you base your self-worth off of how different you are? Maybe you feel lonely and are always worried that people think you are weird. You love how intuitive you are but at the same time, you are extremely sensitive to your own and others emotions. You often feel scattered and need grounding. If you find yourself always craving chocolate and grains to numb this sensitivity, you may be an ethereal.

Once you identify your archetype you will be able to break behaviors and limiting beliefs with James’ tips, recipes, and reprogramming process. She squashes the myth that you can’t target specific spot weight loss and clues you in to why you may be gaining in your troubled areas. A perfect merge of food, body, and mind- this is a must read for every woman who feels misunderstood.  Dana James is your personal therapist, nutritionist, and friend.


The truth about the drugs you’re taking, the sleep you’re missing, the sex you’re not having, and what’s really making you crazy

Dr. Julie Holland is your best and smartest girlfriend in her book Moody Bitches. In this groundbreaking guide, you’ll learn why our natural moodiness is a strength- not a weakness. From a young age, we are told to tune down our emotions, hold back our annoyance, and shut off our intuition. Throw that garbage out the window. Holland lets us know why we are programmed like we are and why our moods are our biggest superpower.

Psychiatrist Holland talks about the millions of American women who are medicating away their emotions with prescription drugs that have more adverse effects than a lot of us realize. If we’re not numbing with pills, we’re numbing with food, alcohol and other addictive behaviors.  

Holland introduces information about the link between food and mood and the vicious cycle that is modern medication. She introduces natural therapies, exciting research on sex, exercise, and sleep. This is real talk. All the way from how we fall in love, to menopause, to why our husbands argue the way they do. Not that you need permission to be yourself- but if you want it- this book is it.


Nutrition for beauty, inside and out

Holistic Health Coach, Jolene Heart will blow you out of the water with this easy-to-understand scientific guide to eating yourself pretty. Eat Pretty is a seasonal guide to becoming your best self from the inside-out. In this guide, you’ll learn why fresh, seasonal foods grow in that season for a reason. You’ll learn what your body needs during each month of the year with more than 85 of the top beauty foods for every season. She gives you beauty pantry lists and  20 drool-worthy recipes to nourish your insides and make your outsides glow. You’ll read about foods and nutrients that target specific beauty concerns like weight, mood, skin, nails, hair, energy, and anti-aging. Hart will show you the path to your optimal beauty and wellness. This book will without a doubt, help you live your best life.


Reflections On The Principles of A Course In Miracles

An oldie, but a goodie. Oprah has raved about Marianne Williamson’s #1 bestseller since 1992. A Return To Love takes you through Williamson’s insights and reflections on the application of love in the search for inner peace. Whatever your religion or spiritual practice, A Return To Love shows how we can become miracle workers in our own lives by accepting and expressing love.

The key to inner peace– whether you are struggling with psychic pain in relationships, health or career– love is a powerful force. She teaches us how to create fulfilling lives through daily practice of love. Deepak Chopra praises it as the “ultimate truth” while others say it changed their lives.


Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant To Be

You may know Rachel Hollis as the founder of the lifestyle website or you might even be part of her massive online community. In her book, Hollis exposes 20 lies that hold us back from living joyful and productive lives.

Most of us can relate to Hollis in one way or another. She is a 35-year-old mom of 4, entrepreneur and total girl next door. While reading, it will be inevitable to not agree that you can relate to most of the things that have happened or are happening to her.

Her book is painfully honest and humorous. She will encourage and inspire you to live your life with hustle and passion. And with her cheering you on, you will not give up.

Now that you have the top 5 women’s health books, which one are you going to reach for first?! Have you already read some of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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