Are you confused about how to eat for energy? If you’re struggling with fatigue, the nutrition world can seem even more complicated. In this episode, I’m taking a practical approach to eating for your best, most vibrant self.

Adrenal Fatigue Diet Core Principals

Overall: eat healthy, whole, unprocessed foods 

  • Focus on healthy fats and proteins with every meal to help stabilize blood sugar 
  • Incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet to help crowd out processed foods 
  • Eat consistently throughout the day
  • Eat as well as possible 
  • Cook when possible. Simple and nourishing meals are best 

How to Stabilize Blood Sugar 

  1. Eat within one hour of waking up in the morning 
  2. Make sure to have balanced meals
  3. Support optimal hydration 

How to bring it all together 

Start with proper hydration. This will give you an immediate energy boost without the crash later on. Next, focus on stabilizing blood sugar through the frequency of your meals. Eat something about every 3 hours throughout the day. Then focus on the content of your meals. Add in healthy fats, healthy proteins, and complex carbs. Round it out by ditching processed foods and filling each plate with healthy stuff. 

I hope this episode has helped you understand what an adrenal fatigue diet looks like and how it can help you on your healing journey. For more support:

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Featured in this episode…

Hydration Superfood Energy 

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