If you’re on the hunt for an essential oil brand that is right for you, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed right now. I know how hard it can be to find the perfect brand for you, your family, and your wallet. With the resurgence of the use of natural remedies for common ailments like poor sleep, low energy, and skin issues – essential oils have taken the forefront. Which means that everyone (from big brand companies to long blog posts) seems to have an opinion on what the best essential oil brand is. Newsflash: the essential oils market is unregulated meaning that phrases like “best essential oil brand” are very subjective. 

You can let out a sigh of relief now though because this is an objective review of Radha Beauty essential oils. In our essential oil brand reviews, we take the most searched for companies and give you an honest rating of A+-F based on price, quality, and selection. 

So maybe you’ve found yourself here because you’ve heard of Radha Beauty – they’re cheap and you get a LOT of oil. Before we get started, it’s important that you have a clear goal in mind. Why do you want to use essential oils? Are you looking for therapeutic benefits or are you just looking to add them to your laundry? If you want to make essential oils a lifestyle and swap out OTC and prescription medications for essential oils than a high-quality brand you can trust is going to be what you want. 

Have your goal in mind, great… let’s get started. 

The Basics: Who is Radha Beauty 

Radha Beauty is mostly a skincare line that also includes some essential oil options. They are proud to be a high selling brand on Amazon.com, and don’t seem to mind selling their products that way (though you can also purchase them on their own website).


The Radha beauty essential oils are extremely cheap – so much so it comes across as a big red flag to me. Instead of selling their essential oil singles in 5 mL or 15 mL bottles like most essential oil companies, they sell them in 120 mL or 4 oz. jars. For proper comparison’s sake, I have calculated what you are paying for 15 mL:

Lavender $1.74 for 15 mL

Frankincense $2.24 for 15 mL 

Peppermint $1.74 for 15 mL

While this may seem like a good deal, there are plenty of other affordable essential oils that are not this alarmingly low. When companies have prices this low it’s definitely a very strong indicator that the company is diluting or adding to the essential oils in some way to cut prices.

The only other purchase option is a set of 8 different 10mL bottles that include lavender, peppermint, and frankincense for $19.95. This comes out to $2.50 a bottle, or about $3.75 for 15 mL. Again, consistently being under $4 is extremely low – especially for frankincense – this is a plant that costs a lot of money to source and distill.


The Radha Beauty essential oils collection is quite small. They have 7 of their large singles, 18 small singles (sold in sets only), and 6 blends (also sold in a set). There really isn’t enough here for someone that wants to make essential oil use a lifestyle and not a one-off thing.


With their prices, it probably won’t come as a big surprise that there’s very little (basically nothing) information on their website about quality and sourcing. They do mention that Radha essential oils go through “comprehensive quality control testing” but do not cite the specific important tests. You won’t find good source information, there’s no mention of organic standards (or any other standards for that matter), and there’s not even the botanical name listed. To me, this all definitely falls short of my personal standards for what I want to put on my body.

To be fair, they call their oils “Essential Oils for Aromatherapy & Massage” – so it doesn’t seem like they are really trying to convince you that they are potent enough to act therapeutically. Still – the skin is a big, absorbent organ, so I wouldn’t massage with them.

Radha Beauty Essential Oils Rating 

Bottom Line: I’m rating Radha Beauty essential oils a D on our scale. This means they are below average and that there are better oils out there. 

Nothing about the Radha Beauty essential oils qualifies as high quality, even though the Radha Beauty essential oil reviews on Amazon (their big seller) are fairly good. I think there are enough cheap essential oil brands with better quality practices that hit the budget mark and the safety mark much better. I wouldn’t recommend this brand.

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  1. radhabeauty lavender oil is fake.There is no scent whatsoever using a diffuser.Dont waste your money on a Fake product

    1. Hi! Thank you for your input. From our research on Radha Beauty oils, we gave it a D and do not recommend buying this brand.