Hunting for the perfect essential oil brand for you can be an overwhelming task. With alternative medicine use on the rise and essential oils taking the forefront – there can be a lot of conflicting information out there. Big companies and long, sometimes paid for, blog posts claim to know it all. But the truth is, the essential oils industry is unregulated so the phrase “best essential oils brand” is very subjective. In this post, I’m going to review and rate Greenhealth essential oils on a scale of A+-F based on price, selection, and quality. To learn more about our rating scale, go here

Before we jump in, it’s crucial to understand your goals with essential oils. Why exactly do you want to use oils? Do you want all-natural mood support? Do you have muscle aches and pains? Or do you just want to make your own non-toxic cleaning products? 

If all you’re looking to do with essential oils is to have your laundry smell like fresh lavender, then you won’t need a super expensive therapeutic brand. Instead, you can opt for something on the cheaper side. But if you want to help with muscle pain, headaches, poor mood, and digestion then you are going to need a high-quality brand that you can trust. 

Now that you have a clear goal in mind, let’s find out if Greenhealth essential oils is right for you. 

The Basics: Who is Greenhealth Essential Oils?

For starters, Greenhealth essential oils are not super easy to find. They don’t seem to have their own website or even a little information about them, so this is going to be detrimental to their overall rating. 

You can find Greenhealth oils online at shops like Walmart, Amazon, and They have a facebook page, but even there they don’t have much information! What I’ve found is that they have been making aromatherapy oils for 20 years. Now, at first this might sound good but the fact that they specify aromatherapy means that their oils are not for topical use or internal use—and in turn this can mean that the oils are not 100% pure like they’ve noted on their bottles. 


Greenhealth essential oils are super inexpensive—almost too inexpensive. For a company to properly source, produce, and test their oils it costs money. With Greenhealth oil’s prices this low, it makes me wonder where they skimped. 

Lavender: $3.50 for 15 mL * 

Frankincense: $1.87 for 15 mL* 

Peppermint: $2.24 for 15 mL * 

*Greenhealth does not sell their oils in 15 mL. To compare to other popular brands we review, I calculated these numbers based on their popular 16 fl oz and 4 fl oz options. As you can see these numbers are alarmingly low. 


Greenhealth has a decent selection of the most popular essential oils like tea tree, orange, and eucalyptus in addition to the oils that I mentioned above. If you’re looking for basic oils for aromatic use, Greenhealth has them. The problem I see here is that for an oil like tea tree, which is commonly used topically to treat skin issues, the price is too low to believe that the oil is made from pure tea tree. Beyond the popular oils, Greenhealth has a very minimal selection. If you want to really get into essential oils, I wouldn’t recommend Greenhealth as a good choice for selection. 


Greenhealth uses phrases like “100% Pure” but based on my research above and the fact that the essential oils industry is unregulated, I wouldn’t put much weight behind it. Instead, I’d be extremely skeptical. There is nowhere that offers full transparency, testing information, or sourcing information. Quality information should be readily available to consumers so that they can have trust in what they are purchasing. 

Greenhealth Essential Oils Rating 

I’m rating Greenhealth essential oils an F which means I wouldn’t give these to my worst enemy.

Bottom line: there isn’t one thing about Greenhealth that holds up to the standards I have for oils I use. There are red flags everywhere. There is really no reason to risk your health and safety on a brand with a murky reputation when there are plenty of other brands out there who have inexpensive oils with better selection, quality, and transparency. 

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  1. I purchased Green Health Sage oil to use in a diffuser at night. After doing so, it became difficult to get the lid off of the diffuser because it was sticky. I had used this diffuser with other brands and never had this issue. I switched to Now brand after cleaning the guck off of the diffuser and have never had that problem again after using 2 more bottles of Now brand. It’s obvious to me that Green Health is not a true “essential” oil and that they are using a different type of oil to make these and likely simply adding scents to the substandard oil.

  2. I have been buying Green Health and even talked to the company. they assured me there oils are extracted through a natural process ( Nature). . I have been buying oils for around 30 years and have found them to be very compatible and more than some companies. i let my body and nose be the judge. Young Living oils are good but you pay extra for the selling process where another person gets a cut because you are selling. Companies cannot afford this process. Green Health I am sure buys in major bulk quantities that is why they can afford decent oils. Once I bought Tea Tree from Florida and got contact Dermatitis. Never broke out from Green Health and it works great for what I use them for. Buying them for years.