Investing in some basic essential oil accessories is a no-brainer if you want to make the most of essential oil use. It’s the difference between using your essential oils in 5 different modalities vs. one or two. The right essential oil accessories help you get better results, grow your confidence in essential oil use and make it easier to use your oils on a regular basis.

If you’re new to the essential oils game or even if you only have the most basic essential oils, you can stand to benefit from essential oil accessories. In this article I’ll share my favorite ones and why and how they can support you on your essential oil journey.

Essential Oil Accessories for the Home


What is an essential oil diffuser? Some call it an aromatherapy diffuser, but they are one and the same. An essential oil diffuser mists essential oil into the air. As you inhale the essential oils they work on the limbic system to create a therapeutic result. The reason why you want to have an essential oil diffuser (and actually I’m an advocate for having more than one) is that diffusers allow you to diversify your essential oil use.

Rather than actively applying the essential oils, diffusers allow you to passively experience their benefits through inhalation while you go about your day to day activities. Whether you’re working on your computer, cooking dinner, playing with your kids, enjoying a bath or preparing to wind down for bed you can do all of the above while a diffuser runs in the background. You get to focus completely on the task in front of you and the diffuser is working to create an aromatic environment that benefits your health and wellbeing.

The other reason why you want to invest in a diffuser is that they allow you to use essential oils to replace products that are made with synthetic fragrance. Goodbye plugins, febreeze, toxic scented candles, and air fresheners. Essential oils can make your environment smell amazing and inviting without the hormone-disrupting chemicals that are found in these products.

Diffusers are one essential oil accessory that I absolutely don’t want to live without. We have many diffusers in our home because it prevents us from having to carry a diffuser from one room to another. This is the number one essential oil accessory that I recommend.

Click here for my favorite essential oil diffuser for long time diffusing (4 – 10 hours)

Click here for my favorite essential oil diffuser for short time diffusing (2-4 hours)

Roller Bottles

I love that essential oils are so easy to use that they can simply be inhaled straight from the bottle. Roller bottles are also a convenient way to experience essential oils when you need to use them for topical application. Since it’s typically best to dilute essential oils before applying them to the skin, this means that a carrier oil is needed for most topical application. Now, I’m known to carry a big purse, but carrying around a bottle of carrier oil to use for dilution is just not something I’m interested in.  

That’s why I love roller bottles. They conveniently hold pre-diluted versions of your favorite essential oils so that you can quickly apply while you’re on the move. Empty roller bottles are also great for customizing your own blends. Just make sure that you use durable roller bottles (I’ve had cheaper ones break in my purse – not fun to clean up) and that they are dark since essential oils are photosensitive.

Click here for my favorite roller bottles

Carrier Oils

Hands down, carrier oils are one of the top essential oil accessories you can own.  Why? Well, essential oils are best used when they are diluted with a carrier oil. Not only that but here are some additional reasons why carrier oils are essential to have on hand:

They Cover More Ground

When we’re using essential oils, typically it’s one drop at a time, right? But let’s say you want to give yourself a nice shoulder and neck massage using a tension relieving oil like doTERRA’s Deep Blue. It’s going to be kind of tough to massage one drop of oil into your neck and shoulders.

But if you dilute the drop in a carrier oil – like fractionated coconut oil, that one drop of essential oil will go a long way covering a broader surface area of the skin. And the outcome? You’ll get better results.

They Save Money

Since carrier oils cover a broader surface area, they’re also going to save you money. You can make those 1 to 2 drops of essential oil stretch further than you would if you didn’t use the carrier oil.

They Prevent Skin Sensitization

Since carrier oils dilute the concentration of whatever essential oil you’re using, they can reduce the likelihood of any kind of skin reaction. Especially for people with sensitive skin, carrier oils are a must.

They Improve Results

Carrier oils have their name for a reason. They do a great job carrying essential oil molecules into the bod. This improves their ability to deliver the desired result.

Here’s a quick guide to carrier oils and which ones are best for what:

  • Best for Therapeutic Benefit: Fractionated Coconut Oil (because of its small molecular structure)
  • Best All Around Carrier Oil: Coconut Oil because it’s solid at room temp and easy to work with and most health conscious people have it on hand for cooking
  • Best for General Skin Care: Almond Oil because it’s rich in vitamin E
  • Best for Facial Care: Jojoba oil because it doesn’t clog pores
  • Best for Dry, Cracked Skin: Extra Virgin Olive Oil because it supports deep hydration
  • Best for Internal Use: Avocado Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil – these liquid food grade oils are healthy for you and can be used with veggie caps to ingest essential oils. You should only ingest essential oils that are from a reputable essential oil company and are made for internal use.

For more info on carrier oils and how to use them, check out our Ultimate Essential Oil Guide for Beginners here.

Here’s the link to my favorite carrier oil and my favorite tool to use with it so that there’s never any mess.

Essential Oil Storage Boxes

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “out of sight, out of mind” right? Well, the key to using essential oils routinely is to make sure that they’re at top of mind – especially at the beginning. If you keep your essential oils crammed in a drawer where they can’t be seen, then it can be hard to get into a rhythm of using them.

We use beautiful essential oil storage boxes and handcrafted wooden essential oil holders to have our favorites at our fingertips. These gorgeous holders are also great reminders to use our oils on a regular basis which is exactly what we want to be doing.

We’ve invested in beautiful essential oil storage boxes for multiple areas of the home such as the kitchen, office, bedroom, and bathroom.

Shop our favorite essential oil holders here

This is my favorite essential oil storage box

Essential Oil Reference Books

We live in an information age and while I love Google and the power of the internet, sometimes I don’t want to wade through website after website if I’m looking for a particular essential oil to use. Sometimes it’s just more convenient to be able to reference a book than to jump on the internet scouring blogs and online sources for answers.

That’s why I love The Essential Life Book. These days when I don’t have a lot of time I just want to quickly find the answer to my essential oil question. The Essential Life Book makes it so easy for me to look up essential oil related topics and find answers within seconds. Whether I need to know particular uses for an essential oil or I’m interested in finding a remedy to a certain issue (like adrenal fatigue), this book has it all.

The information in it is 100% research supported (they provide references for all of their claims) and it also includes tons of DIY recipes, protocols and other details that are practical and useful. I also love that the layout is easy to navigate and the pages are gorgeous.

Click here to learn more about the essential life book.

Essential Oil Lid Stickers

If you want to get into a flow with essential oils, it’s important to make sure that they are easy to use. I love organization, which is why I want to share this next essential oil accessory. Essential oil storage boxes were already mentioned and using essential oil lid stickers makes it even easier.

The stickers go on the top of the essential oil bottles so that you can quickly open the essential oils storage box and find the oil you’re looking for without having to physically pick up every bottle and look at the label. It may sound like a small thing, but it does save time – and I’m all about saving time.

These are my favorite essential oil labels

Veggie Caps

If you need to take essential oils internally, veggie caps are ideal for the job. While aromatic and topical use are probably the most popular ways to use essential oils, for certain issues (such as digestive) it’s better to take the oils internally.

Some essential oils aren’t very tasty or they are highly sensitizing (such as Oregano). Oils like these are best ingested in a capsule that you can fill with essential oil and a little bit of food grade carrier oil such as extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil.

You should never ingest oils unless they come from a reputable essential oil company that makes 100% pure, very high quality oils.

These are my favorite veggie caps for ingesting essential oils.

Essential Oil Accessories On the Go

Essential Oil Travel Case

I learned a painful lesson one of the first times that I traveled with essential oils. I packed up about 6 of my favorites (including Frankincense – my longtime favorite anti-aging oil). Not knowing any better I haphazardly tossed my essential oils into my makeup bag.

When I arrived at my destination, I opened my makeup bag only to find shards of glass and an overwhelming aroma of Frankincense. The bottle had shattered and I lost the remaining contents (it was probably ¾ full of essential oil). If you know anything about Frankincense, you know that it’s a premium oil that commands a hefty investment (at least if you’re getting it from a quality source).

From that point, I learned my lesson. Now, I always travel with a proper essential oils case. A proper case has separate “compartments” for each essential oil so that the glass bottles are not slamming against each other. I also take extra precaution and either carry them on the plane (standard 15 mL essential oil bottles are not enough to flag TSA) or if they’re in my suitcase, I’ll place the carrying case between my clothes for extra padding.

Here’s some of my favorite essential oil travel cases

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

I’m always trying to use essential oils as much as I possibly can – even en route as I’m driving in the car. The car can be such a useful transition space to clear my head and prepare myself for reaching my final destination.

If I’ve been in “business mode” working at a coffee shop and it’s time to head home, I like to diffuse a grounding oil like doTERRA’s Balance to help me transition. If I’ve been out with the kids and it’s been hectic and stressful, I’ll diffuse a blend of calming and cheerful oils like Lavender and Wild Orange to help everyone mellow out and get into a good mood.

There’s many possibilities. If your commute home is full of traffic and road rage-y drivers, a “bright” and calming oil like Bergamot can help ease tensions. Or if you’re headed to a doctor’s appointment and you’re feeling anxious, there are many oils (try one of these) that you can diffuse to promote feelings of relaxation.

One other thing: Most car diffusers can be used anywhere you have a USB connection. Laptop computers, hotel rooms, anywhere you can get USB access you can use a mini diffuser that would fit in the car.

Here’s my favorite car diffuser

If you don’t have a USB hookup in your car,  buy one of these adapters and you’ll be ready to go!

Essential Oil Keychain Holder

I love carrying essential oils with me wherever I go. I carry big purses, so I don’t mind carrying 2 to 3 bottles of essential oil at a time. But I also like to be ready for anything. And that means that I need more than 2 to 3 oils.

There’s a specific list of essential oils that I like to have on hand at all times. For that, I like to carry an essential oil keychain. It allows me to have all the oils I love at my fingertips without weighing me down with multiple full-size bottles of oil. I also like that the mini vials are inexpensive and I can easily customize my essential oil selections based on what I need.

This is my favorite essential oil keychain holder. I bring it with me wherever I go.

Diffuser Bracelet or Necklace

Diffuser bracelets and necklaces are such a convenient (and beautiful!) way to enjoy essential oils as you move through your everyday life. Essential oil diffuser necklaces work by holding a few drops of essential oils in a stone, felt pad or piece of clay or glass around your neck and then slowly releasing them throughout the day.  You can reap the benefits through the skin where the jewelry is touching but mostly by inhaling the aroma itself.

I love diffuser bracelets and necklaces. They are a great way to express your personality while enjoying essential oils at the same time. For those that love perfume and fragrance, you can still create a signature aroma for yourself by using one or more essential oils in a piece of diffuser jewelry. You and those around you will enjoy the aroma without the hormone-disrupting effects of synthetic fragrance.

Essential Oil Accessories for DIY

Glass Spray Bottles

If you’re interested in making your own cleaning supplies using essential oils, welcome to the party! Essential oils are highly effective cleaning agents and can be used in combination with pantry items like baking soda and vinegar to leave your house smelling fresh and your surfaces sparkling clean.

It’s a wise idea to invest in some glass spray bottles like these. They are dark in color which is great since oils are photosensitive (some more than others). And, the glass material is a great choice because essential oils can degrade plastic over time.  I also have invested in small stainless steel funnels to help with DIY recipe prep when I need to pour ingredients like vinegar or distilled water into the small opening of these bottles.

For essential oil cleaning recipes that are simple and easy to use check out this article.

Orifice Removers & Droppers

When you open a bottle of essential oil, you’ll notice that there’s a plastic piece over the mouth of the bottle that allows you to conveniently dispense one drop of oil at a time. This is ideal because that’s how we tend to use these potent natural remedies: one drop at a time.

But what if you’re using an essential oil like Myrrh, Vetiver, Cedarwood or Sandalwood? These oils tend to be very thick and can also be gummy clogging up the orifice. If you’ve ever tapped the side of a glass Heinz Ketchup bottle waiting for what seems like an eternity just to get a little bit of ketchup on your plate it can feel like the exact same thing as you stand there waiting for a drop of essential oil to somehow escape a gummy, clogged up orifice.

Enter the orifice remover and dropper. These two accessories go hand in hand. The orifice remover does just what it says: removes it. It’s a small metal piece that slides underneath the plastic orifice allowing you to easily lift it from the bottle without breaking off your nails.

Then, you simply use the dropper as a replacement to the orifice. Now, instead of waiting forever to get drops when using woody essential oils like Vetiver, you can simply use the dropper in a fraction of the time and with none of the frustration. This combination is a GAME CHANGER.

It’s also great for getting into roller bottles. For instance, I love Rose and Jasmine essential oils and I like to add them to my bathwater. But doTERRA’s rose and jasmine comes in roller bottles making it tough to diffuse them, use them in a DIY recipe or add them to a bath. Using the orifice remover and dropper you can easily do both. Just be sure that you get a different dropper for each essential oil bottle so that you keep the aroma pure.

I like these droppers the best and here’s my favorite orifice remover.

Other DIY Storage Containers

Whether you’re making lip balm, body butter, salve, deodorant or solid perfume DIY storage containers are a must if you want to make your own recipes at home. Depending on the recipe, dark amber glass or cobalt blue containers are ideal for protecting photosensitive essential oils, but you can also get away with clear glass if stored in a cool, dark place  (like under your sink in the bathroom).

Some items to think about are:

  • Wide mouth jars for holding body butter
  • Bottles with pumps on the top for holding lotions and homemade body oil
  • Smaller jars for salves and creams
  • Chapstick and deodorant holders
  • Lip balm mini jars

There are others but this is a great place to start. I highly recommend using glass storage containers whenever possible. Often, DIY recipes require pouring hot or warm liquids into their containers. In order to protect against unnecessary exposure to hormone-disruptors such as phthalates and xenoestrogens I recommend avoiding plastics as much as possible.

Here’s a great resource for multiple containers for DIY recipes.

If you’re ready to dive into some of the most popular DIY essential oil recipes, check out this article.

Wool Dryer Balls

Conventional dryer sheets are…well, toxic. It’s not a theory. It’s a fact. Chemicals in dryer sheets contain hormone disruptors and chemicals that get into our clothes, sitting on our skin all day and in the sheets that we sleep on all night. Wool dryer balls are a wonderful alternative. They help to speed up drying time, remove static from our clothes and they do it all without the use of chemicals.

If you still love that mountain fresh aroma that you get from the scented sheets, use an essential oil instead. Imagine opening your dryer to the fragrant aroma of Lavender or the invigorating smell of fresh lemons or oranges. That’s what you can create with essential oils – and the best part? They will actually promote your health and wellbeing. I just love the versatility of essential oils!

These are my absolute favorite essential oil accessories that I would never want to live without! Have you tried any of these accessories? Are there any that you love that I have not included? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment below!

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