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Turkey Roll Ups

Keto Turkey Roll Ups

  • Author: Erica Jones


This is a convenient keto snack that our kids also enjoy. This is a great way to enjoy classic sandwich ingredients in a way that’s keto-friendly. Feel free to change it up based on your taste. There are many possibilities here!


  • Deli meat of your choice such as turkey (ham or roast beef (just make sure it’s “clean” with no added sugars))
  • Your favorite “sandwich ingredients” like: Avocado (Tomato, Cheese, Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce, Dill Pickles, Onions, Pesto, etc.)


  1. Slice your “sandwich ingredients” thin so that they fit nicely into the roll up.
  2. Take a piece of meat and layer your sandwich ingredients inside adding your condiments last.
  3. Roll it up and enjoy!
  4. To Change It Up: Try rolling your sandwich in a piece of lettuce and/or dipping your roll up in your favorite keto dipping sauce.