Hey! My name is Erica Jones. I’m an entrepreneur, happily married wife, mom to 3 amazing little boys and I’m passionate about  health, wellness and natural living.

But 10 years ago that was a totally different story.

Eating fast food and takeout was something I did multiple times  a week. I was struggling with acne, my hormones were a horrible mess, and adrenal fatigue greeted me every morning.

These days I’m well versed in essential oils and natural remedies, I cook healthy meals for my family regularly, and I’ve switched all of my makeup and skin care to natural and organic solutions. I’m so grateful to be living my BEST life where I’ve found my rhythm and flow  - even through life’s challenges.

It didn’t all just happen overnight though. Everything I’ve created in my life has happened over time and by God’s amazing grace.

After consulting entrepreneurs and their families for more than 8 years my husband and I started to build Since we’re entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that entrepreneurial families have special needs. Between managing the household and taking care of business(es) we know that the days are usually pretty full. was created to help modern, entrepreneurial families elevate their everyday and create family “flow” through the power of natural living. If you want simple lifestyle strategies, curated non-toxic products and easy to digest content for life on the go you will find it here on our site.

Whether you’re looking for natural strategies to balance hormones or you need to find a mascara made with clean ingredients - upgrading your health and the wellbeing of your family shouldn’t be rocket science. What you can expect from us are practical tips and real life strategies we use on the regular to experience more in life and get into flow.

To get practical tips on healthy lifestyle, visit our blog or connect with us on instagram @elevayshealth to get a behind the scenes look at our everyday life.



Dr. Isaac Jones DC, BS, is a functional health expert and doctor of chiropractic who is passionate about leading busy and successful people to live in their peak state of health.

In 2010 Erica & Isaac started a virtual health consulting company, which grew to become one of the largest virtual health consulting companies in the world.

Dr. Isaac Jones has been named “the doctor of the future” and featured in INC magazine, PBS and other respectable media outlets. He’s a world leading expert in helping executives and entrepreneurs access high performance through human potential healthcare.


Director of Operations

I grew up in a huge Italian family where food was part of the culture. Learning to cook from my grandmothers and father helped me to recognize the importance of eating fresh whole foods. My mother and grandmother were both professional models who taught me the meaning of true beauty and a healthy lifestyle. I aspired to be just like them and I learned to love the beauty industry, fitness world and I developed a passion for great food.

I was a gymnast and dancer for about 18 years, always competing and working hard to stay in shape. After graduating I moved to Chicago where I was a makeup artist doing runway, photo shoots, weddings, and teaching others how to naturally look their best. I then fell back to my Italian roots with my love of food and started a career at Whole Foods Market.

There, I started working as a chef in the kitchen in their main headquarters in Austin, TX. Later I became a Buyer/Produce Specialist. I loved living a healthy lifestyle, teaching others the benefits of eating healthy organic whole foods and the importance of nutrition.



My story began on a small farm in the country, as a wee little tadpole eating whole foods and running barefoot on the grass. The oldest of four, I grew up in a family that loves humor, music, art and the outdoors. Classically trained in piano, I had every intention of continuing my musical path well into college and beyond, but I got sick... really sick. And this is where my life path changed, entirely.

For the next decade I would be fighting for my health and my life, not knowing the underlying cause. Unfortunately my work as an entrepreneur only worsened my situation, as I pushed my body into complete burnout. I was eventually bed ridden for 2 years and almost died in the ER multiple times from heart failure. Weighing in at 75 pounds, my body was failing to function and I had no idea why. I was introduced to natural medicine and nutrition during this time and along with a team of brilliant doctors I finally received a diagnosis of severe Celiac Disease, Hashimoto's and Adrenal Fatigue. After so many years of being sick, I was finally able to start healing.

On my journey to healing, I have cultivated a passion for whole food, all things natural health, essential oils, a balanced work/life approach for entrepreneurs and getting the message out to as many people as possible that natural medicine IS powerful and it heals.

Carley Demarco

Content Manager

I grew up in a cookie cutter development in what used to be Pennsylvania countryside. Before there were Targets, Costcos, and Dunkin’ Donuts, there were cornfields, horses, and my development.

My neighborhood was its own little community overflowing with kids running barefoot through the woods and racing bikes to the same house for dinner. We stayed out until it got dark and when it did, we pitched tents in each others backyards.

As I’ve grown, there’s still a lot of that little girl left in me. I’d rather be barefoot than have shoes strapped on my feet and I’d rather squeeze onto half a seat at the dinner table than have functional arm space. The only thing that has changed is my campground choice. Instead of backyards, I started pitching tents in far more secluded and unfamiliar places.

When I was 18, I ditched my envelope-licking internship and set up camp in Crestone, Colorado—a small town that had no sidewalks at the time. I spent my summer learning about herbs, gardening, and sustainability. I helped create an outdoor bathhouse with recycled bottles and a greenhouse out of tires. So when my college advisor asked why I was switching my minor from digital art to environmental studies, I blamed it on Mother Nature.

Over the rest of my college years, my head was buried in every book I could find about natural medicine, whole foods, and sustainable living. After college, not quite ready to subject myself to the corporate world, I decided to keep exploring and learning.

Stephanie Jacobs-Touw

Administrative Super Star

I’m a born and raised Jersey girl turned Southern transplant! The life I had growing up was typical to most millennials: no internet or tablets, tons of play time outside and lots of sugary drinks and snacks after school (anyone else remember Dunkaroos?!). I had quite a few health issues growing up, including repeated sinus infections, a poor immune system and hormone issues. We treated all of my issues as most people do: go to the doctor, get an antibiotic or pill and hope for the best.

Once I moved to South Carolina in 2017, I met the most wonderful family who introduced me to essential oils and natural health. It blew my mind that it was possible to treat illnesses with natural remedies and diet changes that actually worked. Little by little, I learned how to swap out products in my home with toxic chemicals for ones that were safer for my body and just as effective. I learned how to choose foods that worked for my body to help it heal from the inside out. I became more invested into treating the root causes of my health issues rather than just the symptoms and it was so cool to start seeing results.

My health is a work in progress but I can’t imagine going back to conventional medicine anymore. Holistic and integrative medicine is a lifelong journey to finding what works best for you, and it’s a journey worth taking. I love being a part of the Elevays team and I’m excited to help you take the next step on your health journey!